More than 2.030 references in the catalogue for a coverage of more than 90% of the current fleet. 

The range of water pumps with high quality seals (MTU) has been extended to the European vehicles (after the already existing Asian and American ones) to cover about 95% of the fleet circulating.

Thermostatic valves and thermostatic valves made in Japan TAMA. Full Asian range of radiators, fans and condensers available in short time.

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All Japanparts products are designed and manufactured to meet OE standards. They also undergo a rigorous quality control process.



All Japanparts' products have a 2-years warranty. This is to prove the full confidence we have in our products. 


Customer service, one of the company's strengths, is ensured by a streamlined, efficient logistics, which uses the latest technologies for the effective management of goods.

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